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MMM…Tofu Chitlin’
January 13, 2009, 10:35 pm
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Victory Gardens Theater's "Living Gree", Tofu Chilin Circuit, and Bronzeville Business Owners

Victory Gardens Theater's "Living Green", Tofu Chilin Circuit, and Bronzeville Business Owners

Last night Bronzeville’s own burgeoning production company, The Tofu Chilin’ Circuit, hosted the second installment in a series they call A La Carte.  I feel like I should make some witty food comment like “and how delicious is was” but i won’t. wait i just did.  But really, it was awesome.  They had local business owners speak about why they live in Bronzeville and then we had the cast of VG’s Living Green read a scene from the show.  The entire thing, though smaller than expected because of shitty weather, became this amazing conversation about civic duty and pride and why there were no theaters on the south side.  People talked about loving their community and hating segregation in Chicago.  Thanks TCC….mmm tofu chitlin’.

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